Intel 945G/945GZ/946GZ Graphics Media Accelerator Windows XP x32

Intel 945G/945GZ/946GZ Graphics Media Accelerator Windows XP x32
Intel 945G/945GZ/946GZ Graphics Media Accelerator Windows XP x32. New Features: Adding OpenGL* extension, Texture Rectangle to OpenGL 1.5. Issues Resolved in Build 4906:Display goes black when switching to Extended Desktop (TV+Monitor) or (Digital Display+Monitor). Notebook display’s resolution changes when set to Intel Dual Display Clone mode via Fn+F3 hotkey. Flickering walls during Rainbow Six Vegas game. System does not boot up in the OEM defined mode on legacy analog monitor. Display corruption on notebook display while applying different video standard. Desktop icon or font is not sharp (blurry) at 1680×1050 resolution. Resolution changes to 1024x768x32bit@ 60Hz after installing the graphics driver using command to set resolution to 800x600x32bit@60Hz. Blank display when applying 1440×900@60 HZ on HDMI or changing to 1440×1050@75hz. Display via DVI display is not recognized when hot docked. ContentStreaming issue. Textures displayed when none should. Blank screen sometimes shown when resolution is changed. Mode Persistance issue. Display goes blank when the DDC bus is stuck low by a display. EDID issue with panels with refresh rate < 60Hz. Disabling HW Binning. Mode removal issues. Distortion seen when moving mouse cursor on QQ IM website. 3D CAD software blue screen. Snowy display in main menu of game. DXVA encryption workaround. 1280×720 resolution mode is not listed. BSOD when running ClickToMeet* application. Some analog monitor refresh rates cannot be set with specific resolution. Unable to save monitor positions using custom schemes. Display is set to Monitor only mode after updating the driver and rebooting. Generic PNP string missing after selecting TV tab in the Information window and then selecting a different tab. Object disappears in game. Fn-F5 hotkey works behind Command Prompt full screen. After Undock/Dock operation, display resolution unexpectedly changes to 1024×768. Flicker displayed while playing DVD. Aspect Ratio Options button displayed for TV. Texture Blending IsValidStage Fix. Corruption displayed while playing DVD movie. Color quality column disappears. Enable offscreen plain for A32B32G32R32f. Black triangles. Markers losing color in fog. Missing triangles. LVDS programming update for fixed frequency panel. Clipper Vertex Element Descriptor updates Support for D3DRS_WRAP8 -15. No cube during test. Update selection of optimal kernel. Doom 3 benchmark application error when running on high video setting at 1280×1024. Shader Memory Optimizations. Display does not switch to Standard TV for hotplug event. 3DMark*2006 application intermittently crashes on launch. Brightness hotkey cannot work correctly after change setting by Scheme option in the Driver Properties window. BSOD when running multiple 3D applications. Some of the TV standards are not getting applied.
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  • Os: WinXP
  • Date added: 2008-1-11 19:35:49
  • Tags: ati radeon driver,ati display driver